“Somebody Told You a Story and You Believed It. THEY LIED!” Kerry Davis

On behalf of Kerry Davis, the creator of African American’s Ain’t Africans, the Administrators and our A4 members, WE are glad to have you join US in Our quest as WE journey to share Knowledge and Light to our People! #OneLoveAmeRicanFamily!


AFRICAN AMERICANS AIN’T AFRICANS (A4), brings to light that the people currently masquerading themselves as African Americans did not originate on a continent on the other side of the world.


NOTE: This group is not a religious forum. We ask that members keep your faith-based belief systems personal and not engage in debates in that regard. Throughout the history of man, warring over religion has contributed to untold numbers of deaths. You are asked to be respectful of this request.


We have consistently stated that ‘African Americans Ain’t African’ IS NOT a religious group nor one that promotes ANY ideological factions. This group promotes awareness of the Indigenous People of America aka Turtle Island and the Americas, the Ancestral Heritage and Cultures.


AFRICAN AMERICANS AIN’T AFRICANS encourages research for those individuals seeking knowledge about their Indigenous American Ancestry, Heritage and Cultures, it also provides information that lend to assisting in that quest. We include current events and things that are happening that impact Our daily lives, sometimes a little humor to lighten the mood.


AFRICAN AMERICANS AIN’T AFRICANS is growing everyday. Which means that the message and mission of this (A4) is being shared.


With that said, We ask that you Please be respectful and mindful in acknowledging the purpose of ‘African Americans Ain’t African’ the title of which should be somewhat indicative of the sentiments expressed. We are not bogged with religiosity or ideological bickering on subjects that are wedges for division that serve no purpose in here. African Americans Ain’t Africans promotes awareness. We are aware the information we share is not for everyone, should You conclude that, Please feel free to remove yourself or request assistance.


Respectfully + Sincerely,
A4 Administrators


This is a revised version used for www.africanamericansaintafricans.org from the original “About”  section from Facebook africanamericansaintafricans.